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made some scripts for

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- updated the table for the patch 1.1. specifically some pointers (offsets shifted), the Enhanced Magic script (a 'static' address call is changed to a 'dynamic' call from the structure, rewrote the whole script as a result), and the Magic Change Key script (offsets shifted).
- updated the post a little bit. it was last edited on the xen forum, some forum functions changed (e.g., simple table is gone). just tidying it up a bit.
- updated Enable script. updated 2 aobscans, and the script works on patch 1.02d now.
- updated Magic Change Key (BETA) to Magic Change Key.read the descriptions below for details.
- updated Magic Change Key (BETA). magic slots ui would auto-update after magic change now. also, you can change the Dash magic now. the element mod key is changed from Shift to Alt.
- added Magic Change Key (BETA). read descriptions below first.
- updated Enhanced Magic. with this update, when the script is deactivated, it would revert the magic 'state' to before you activated the script (e.g., if the melee magic is not enhanced before you activated the script, it would revert back to un-enhanced after the script is de-activated, instead of staying enhanced. if you prefer the original one, it can still be found in the blank entry at the bottom (named Enhanced Magic .1).
- added Enhanced Magic.
- updated Ignore Balance. it supports the tailor in the dungeon now.
- updated Ignore Gem Balance to Ignore Balance once more. it should support the shops in the dungeon now.
- updated Ignore Balance. it support the outfit shopping now.
- changed Ignore Balance to Ignore Gem Balance. as I haven't encounter any transaction using the Gold yet, I can only guarantee it works on Gem related transaction for now.
- added pointers to Gold Wallet.
- added Ignore Balance.
No Cooldown
Enhanced Magic
Override Key
Ignore Balance
Magic Change Key

- HP still drop but you won't die.
No Cooldown
- as title says.
Overdrive Key
- when activated, press CapsLock key to fill up the Overdrive bar (blue bar under HP).
Enhanced Magic
- all equipped magic will be enhanced as long as this script is activated.
Ignore Balance
- allows you to buy items, outfits, and magic regardless of the current gem you have.
- allows you to buy items/magic in the dungeon shops regardless of the current gold you have.
- gem/gold still decrease until they reach 0 when you buy stuff.
Magic Change Key
- when activated, allows you to change the equipped magic by using mod keys.
- you can change to magic that you haven't unlock/bought yet.
- if the magic slot is empty, the changing cycle would start as the Fire Element.
- known issues:
-- you can cycle through the potential Signature magic, but only the Signature magic you equipped from Tomi (the magic book) would work as a Signature magic. it's because a Standard Magic and its Signature counterpart acutally chared the same data sheet. I can force change a non-Tomi-equipped potential Signature magic into an actual Signature magic, but it could potentially damage the magic equip system. in theory this can be bypass by using the game's own method to equip a Signature magic, but it would take too much work load and I'm getting bored. so I just leave it as is (you can cycle through the potential Signature magic, but only the Signature magic you equipped from Tomi (the magic book) would work as a Signature magic).
-- for the Standard and Extra1/2 magic slots, filter is implemented to prevent changing to a equipped Signature magic. e.g., if you've equipped Fireball as the Signature magic via Tomi, this magic will be excluded in the Standard magic slot or the Extra1/2 magic slots changing cycle.
- mod keys:[Downloads]:latest:
+6, table Update3.4, for patch 1.1
(358.82 KiB) Downloaded 7544 times
+6, table Update3.3
(733.2 KiB) Downloaded 4464 times

Wizard Of Legend Download Free Online

How to use this cheat table?

Wizard Games Pc

  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1