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Content of the article: 'An overview on (previous) Steam-exclusive WoWS promotions'

Before anything else, I would like to clarify that 'Steam players' in this post refer to players whose World of Warships accounts were originally made through the Steam version of the game's client. This does not include players who made their accounts via other means but 'hack' (I can't presently think of a better word) the Steam version to use their accounts with Steam-distributed game files.

Attentive members of the World of Warships community are probably aware that the game is available via Steam. Likewise, these people are likely also informed that players on Steam receive various exclusive deals. (The official reason for some Steam-exclusive offers is explained in this Reddit comment.)

With the latest news about HMS Dreadnought being currently offered as a log-in bonus for Steam players, and the inevitable backlash that came with it, I thought it was about time to take a detailed look into the history of World of Warships' Steam content.

  • World of Warships launched on Steam on 15 November 2017.

  • To commemorate the Steam launch, a mission chain was made available which had some Steam camouflages and Steam containers as a reward.

  • No further Steam content (that I could confirm on records) appeared until 10 May 2018, when 3 ships (Admiral Graf Spee, Anshan, and Texas) were made available as Steam DLC. These ships were offered with a significant discount until 4 June 2018. According to SteamDB, the prices of the aforementioned ships were (individually) 10 USD each (on the US storefront, regional pricing applied elsewhere) at that time.

  • Update 0.7.5 introduced an 'account completion system' for the Steam version of the game's client. Steam players that used this feature to enable their Steam WoWS accounts to enable full-access to the Wargaming portal (including the Premium Shop) before 20 June 2018 received some Steam containers. At this point in the timeline I should emphasize that Steam WoWS players who 'completed' their account registration with the Wargaming portal are able to avail the deals on Wargaming's Premium Storeandoffers exclusive to Steam.

  • The USS Indianapolis was released as Steam DLC on 1 July 2018.

  • The World of Warships Steam Starter Pack DLC became available on 21 June 2018 with special introductory pricing.

  • World of Warships participated in Steam's 2018 Summer Sale, during which the initial 3 DLCs were sold again at their introductory prices. The Starter Pack did not receive a further discount but its introductory price was retained until the end of the Summer Sale.

  • USS Monaghan was the first 'new' ship to become accessible as Steam DLC on 5 July 2018. It was included as part of a bundle that had a counterpart on the Premium Store. Unlike the Premium Shop variant, however, the Steam DLC was pulled from Steam when the limited-time Premium Shop offers were discontinued.

  • HMCS Haida was released as Steam DLC on 9 July 2018. Like Indianapolis and Monaghan, this DLC was a bundle that included doubloons.

  • The various Steam DLCs received discounts to commemorate for World of Warships' 2018 anniversary. The initial 3 DLCs as well as the Starter Pack were again on offer with their introductory prices. The Indianapolis DLC received a smaller discount.

  • Tachibana Lima, USS Smith, Yubari, and Marblehead Lima each had their own Steam DLC debut on 11 September 2018. As usual, each DLC had introductory pricing. Referencing the news post headline, Tachibana Lima and Smith were sold for 0.99 USD (or even less with Steam's regional pricing).

  • Although excluded from the anniversary sale, the Monaghan DLC and the Haida DLC would receive small, separate discounts during September 2018.

  • A limited-time DLC which included 10 Guineas (a special token which could be used to obtain HMS Cossack) was released in October 2018. For a limited time, HMS Cossack was obtainable in exchange for 50 Guineas.Only 48 of these were obtainable through gameplay however, necessitating the purchase of some in order to obtain the aforementioned ship. Wargaming allowed players to buy a pack of 10 Guineas for 1 USD on the Premium Shop, but said pack could only be bought once. That is unless the player had originally been from Steam, which meant they also had access to the Steam variant of the offer. In effect, Steam players had the option to get 20 Guineas for 2 USD, so they could put in less effort and money but still obtain Cossack.

  • The initial DLC trio plus the Starter Pack DLC were discounted during the week of Black Friday 2018, again down to their introductory price.

  • On 17 December 2018 Wargaming announced that it intended to 'retire' the Monaghan, Haida, and Indianapolis DLCs on 19 December 2018. While said DLCs were delisted from the WoWS Steam store page, they could still be purchased after the stated deadline if manually searched on the Steam store.

  • World of Warships again participated in the Steam Summer Sale during 2019. All Steam DLCs released to date (excluding only the discontinued Guineas DLC and the pair of DLCs for Tier 2 ships) received a 75% discount. This included the 3 DLCs that were supposedly retired back in December 2018. During this sale, Indianapolis was sold for 12.49 USD (regional pricing applicable), Monaghan for 11.24 USD (regional pricing applicable), and Haida also for 11.24 (regional pricing applicable). It should be noted that the contents of Steam DLC do not change (none have to date), so discounted DLC do not have their included contents reduced or downgraded.

  • The Indianapolis, Monaghan, and Haida DLCs were finally removed from Steam on 17 July 2019.

  • On 15 November 2019, World of Warships celebrated its second anniversary on Steam.

  • World of Warships participated in Black Friday 2019 by releasing the limited-time Scharnhorst B and Alaska B DLCs.

  • During late December 2019, World of Warships offered USS Smith as well as the commander Theodore Chandler for free as log-in bonuses. The aforementioned unique commander is normally exclusive to the Armory (and purchased using doubloons). This was the first instance of a premium ship and/or a unique commander being given away for free on Steam exclusively.

  • The limited-time Wukong and Bajie DLCs were made available to commemorate Lunar New Year 2020.

  • At the end of January 2020, World of Warships first offered monthly incentives for subscribing (and remaining subscribed) to the game's news on its Steam store page. These 'Follower Rewards' are often Steam containers.

  • World of Warships released a special limited-time Steam DLC in a collaboration with CCP (the developers of EVE Online).

  • In early February 2020, various ARP premium ships were offered as Steam DLC for a limited time.

  • 3 limited-time Steam DLCs were released as part of WoWS' collaboration with Warhammer 40k. The first of these included a special mission. The latter two were for the premium WH40k clones of the Amagi.

  • 2 limited-time Steam DLCs were released as part of WoWS' collaboration with Transformers.

  • At the time of posting, the HMS Dreadnought offer is ongoing.

This list should cover every published promotion (news articles were posted regarding them) on Steam except the recurring offers, of which I only noted the first instance.


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