ZAP Master

ZAP Master is a 2D, abstract art, base defense game where players click to zap incoming enemies. Enemies spawn in and travel down radial lanes, and if one reaches the end of the lane, it's game over!

The flexible storage and retrieval solution for use on shelving, with high mobility, compact size when folded and large storage tray. Aluminium work platform, approx. 600 x 630 mm, with three-sided safety guardrail. Access section with horizontal stabiliser bar, support section with chassis beam, castors with locking mechanism (∅ 160 mm).

Zap Master Bug Zapper Light Bulb

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  1. This subcommand is used to zap lvs, partitions or raw devices that have been used by ceph OSDs so that they may be reused. If given a path to a logical volume it must be in the format of vg/lv. Any file systems present on the given lv or partition will be removed and all data will be purged.
  2. The ZAP Master is BLAMMO! Electronics version of the classic Dallas Rangemaster treble boost circuit housed in a pedalboard friendly stomp box with a 3-way input cap mod. Designed to sound and look like the original with less noise and more tonal wiggle room.


ZAP Master
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This article is about the Armada Mini-Con. For the Beast Wars: Uprising Micromaster, see Zapmaster (BWU).
Zapmaster is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogycontinuity family.

Zapmaster will attack just about anything head-on, no matter how big and overpowering it may be. 'Fear' doesn't ever seem to register in his brain. He lived in the Wastelands of Cybertron for who-knows-how-long, which turned him into the vicious little bugger he is today. Zapmaster is the cousin of Swindle.


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Energon comic

Energon ceased publication before the story could conclude. The following would have taken place in unpublished issues.

Zapmaster was a Mini-Con hailing from the same alternate universe Cybertron as Over-Run. Their planet was attacked by Unicron, and the inhabitants were unable to fight him off. Recognizing that they were doomed, Zapmaster urged Over-Run to take the Mini-Con Matrix and use a null-reality pod to flee to another reality, where hopefully the planet eater could be defeated. Over-Run complied and disappeared into another dimension, reluctantly leaving Zapmaster and his homeworld to be devoured by Unicron. Armageddon Part 2



  • Thundercracker with Zapmaster (Max-Con, 2003)
A redeco of ArmadaSwindle mold, Zapmaster transforms into an F-1 race car. He is designed to fit between Thundercracker's flip-out missile launchers, and can also be clipped on the underside of Thundercracker's jet-mode cockpit, deployed by pressing down on the canopy.
This toy doubles as the Beast Wars: Uprising character Zapmaster, and this mold is similar to, but not the same as, the mold used to make ArmadaMirage and Top Gear.

Built to Rule!

  • Thundercracker with Zap Master Mini-Con (Built to Rule!, 2003)
For the Hasbro Built to Rule! building block system, Zap Master[sic] was a simple redeco of the small, building-block-based version of Swindle. This toy can be rebuilt from robot mode into something kind of vaguely resembling a race car. Sort of.


ZAP Master
  • Prowl with Longarm & Starscream with Zapmaster (Multi-pack, 2004)
Zapmaster esd
Zapmaster got redecoed again, as sort of a reverse-Swindle, as part of the Sam's Club exclusiveEnergon multi-pack. This time he was partnered with Starscream, who also came with Prowl and his 'reassigned' Mini-Con partner Longarm.

Zap Master Handheld Electric Bug Zapper


Zap Master Handheld Bug Zapper

  • In Japan, the Armada Thundercracker/Zapmaster set was actually used (with ever-so-slight plastic tweaks) as the powered-up versions of Starscream and Swindle rather than new characters.

Zapmaster Mk2

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